ATR HEADERS, X-over, Up-pipe for sale...

I had full intention of runnin my hot air motor and spice it up, but after taking the motor apart, I found out it wasn't a hot air block, or heads, and obviously not a number matching block. The engine also needed rebuilt which I wasn't expecting either. The crank has already been turned, and the engine bored. So i decided if i was going to build a motor from the ground up, it ought as well be an 86/87 motor, considering my engine was no longer original. I was going to put an IC on the hot air motor anyway, so it made sense to me to go sell of these parts and go to an 86/87 setup.

These parts should make someone very pleased....

Price is negotiable guys....make me an offer...I would like to get rid of these....Aftermarket headers for hot airs are few and far between!

i can understand. i was just going to change the heads out on my car and noticed the #6 piston was beat to ****. now im building a new motor. bump for a good buy and rare item. I also have a V1 for sale if anyone wants it.
OK you guys are killing me!! Lets try a different approach...

Everything - $650 shipped


ATR, SS, new ceramic coated up-pipe - $100 + shipping

ATR, SS, new ceramic coated Crossover-$100 + shipping

ATR, SS, new ceramic coated Headers - $500 + shipping

ATR Headers

What size is the downpipe? I may be interested in all of it. Thanks Jerry Berger. Is there ayway you can post pictures of the parts?