autozone powermaster $604!

Ross L

Apr 13, 2002
:eek: I paid $160 for mine(I think) a few years ago. I just needed the ball and switch and put them on my original unit. Is it "OK" to put the ball and switch back on the "new" powermaster and return it for a new unit? The motor is currently coming on everytime I touch the brakes.It has a lifetime warrenty.
Well, I'm not sure about your question, but my motor also comes on every time I touch the brake. Probably a bad accumulator, but mine is also going back to AZ with lifetime warranty. I think I'm on my third one.
I had the AZ lifetime warranty from just before the price started jacking up, but when I had my second failure of their unit they couldn't get me a replacement and couldn't give me an ETA for when one would be available - national backorder. I bitched and moaned so that they would lifetime swap me for a vacuum booster and master cylinder for vacuum plus various other misc stuff to make up the difference in credit. No more worries.
yea, I think my problem is the accumulator as well. The question is... Do I need to reinstall the accumulator and switch on the unit I purchased(it's still in the box) and return it all for a new unit, or can I take back just the accumulator?
So let me get this right you wanna take the parts of the unit you just baught and install them in the PM that is on the car now and put the bad parts on the new PM and take it back and say it didn't work is that you question :confused: If that's not what you mean and are asking if you should take the core back what did they tell you usually the charge for the core till it's returned but it has to be the old one not a new one you removed parts from to put on the one that's in the car
let me try again. I needed a acc. ball and switch(about 5 or 6 years ago) I bought a complete PM unit and did not turn in my core(its still on the car and only needed the acc. ball and switch). I removed the ball and switch from the new unit and installed them on my car(again,about 5 or 6 years ago). Now, the acc. ball has apparently went bed and the switch is seeping. Question is... is it "fair" to put the ball and switch back on the brand new PM unit(that they came off of) thats been boxed up all this time and return it because the ball and switch need replacing.:confused:
Doesn't seem fair. Your'e putting used broken parts into a new PM and returning it. I could be wrong but isn't that like stealing. :confused:

In any case, I would convert to vacuum before I paid $650 for a new unit. I thought the pedal went rock hard when the acc. ball failed? Motor comming on all the time would lead me to think I either had a leak somehwere or air in the lines.
I don't see a big deal with that. You're returning their failed parts, although one piece of their assembly was never used.

However, I still think you should switch to vacuum unless your car is a low mile show car that needs to be original.
but the parts were purchased from them:confused: The parts have a lifetime warrenty....The switch and ball are "seeping" a little. Could that cause air in the system? Maybe I will convert:confused:
You can try to return it but the way many warranties work is that once the unit is disassembled the warranty is voided. A sharp counter man would see that the m/c has not had brake fluid in it and know that it was not used together. If the manager is a good hearted guy and you tell him what happened and why (changing the ball and switch kept you from opening up the brake system, left your original pump and cylinder on the car, etc) he may honor the warranty anyway since those two parts just screw on to the m/c and would have failed either way. If he will not then I think the ball and the switch are now available aftermarket. They are not cheap, but they can be found.

P.S. You said that the switch was seeping. If the brake warning light is not coming on then the problem may just be the switch itself. If you changed the original just because you had a new switch then swap it back and see if the problem goes away.
Thanks for the advice. The light is not coming on. I'll try replacing the switch with the original and see if that works! Thanks.