Autozone"s 160 Thermostat


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May 25, 2001
Autozone's website shows a 160 thermostat with outside diameter of 1.720 inches. Is this the correct size? Anybody ever use one of these from Autozone? Price was $5.99. Thanks, R.B.
Good price that should be an 86-7 the 84-5 is 2". Let me know how it turns out.
Related: Years ago I bought a larger diameter 160 stat and just trimmed to correct diameter with tin-snips. Worked fine. ;)
On a somewhat related note: NAPA has the wrong part number in their system for the '86-87 VIN 7 160 degree thermostat. Their 180 and 190 stats are correct. I went through a bunch of BS with them after having ordered it online. They assume that you are the idiot and because it's right there on the computer screen then it has to be right.

I wish I had gone to Autozone......

Here ya go.

Now, let's all flood Autozone and buy as many as we can get our hands on whataya say?

I know where I'm headed for lunch...
Hey Don (d0n_3d) get crackin on this one.
For those of you who don't know, he's working part time at one of our local AZs, while also attending Devry Tech. | Shopping | Parts | Product Detail - Thermostat

buick - pontiac #

sometimes there's no part number for the buick so look for a pontiac turbo ta part number it'll prob show up. I had to do that a few times here in canada to find the parts i needed
Got mine today.

It isn't stainless.

Then again the stocker that came with the car wasn't either.

That's using a magnet for testing, about the same force needed to remove it from each thermostat.

Looked to be well made, haven't tried it with a good lab. thermometer in a pan of water yet.

CST on the box P/N 3846 as posted. :)
My AC/Delco radiator cap says made in India.:(