b4black '82 GN project

Hopefully I'll get the motor bolted to the trans and both back in the car this weekend. Ran into a snag with the flex plate. I somehow lost it. :rolleyes: Spent hours searching everywhere. Fortunately they are available from Rock Auto, so it should be here Friday. I guess a new flex plate isn't a bad idea.

Another headache is the PCV valve. Something so simple, but frustrating. I have a new valve and grommet. The valve doesn't fit the grommet once it's install in the intake. Ugh. :mad:

Still need to figure out the valve covers. On the passenger side, I know I can run an 84/85 cover. And I have a no hole cover for the other side. Just need to figure out how to get the oil in it. :confused:
Run the 86-87 cover on the drivers side Rich. I don't remember who it was but they made a pipe off the back of the cover with a 90 degree elbow going up to put oil in.;)
I think that was me. Hey I always thought those roller cams needed higher valve covers? If they do there maybe clearance issues with the plenum on the right side and the passengers side exhaust to turbo. Just a thought.
It has a roller cam/lifters, but the rocker arms are stock. The aluminum valve covers are actually shorter than the stamped steel. I thought about going with the pipe in the back of the drivers side. I was hoping for another solution, but that might be best.

I figured out the PCV valve. Use AC Delco part. :) I bought a different brand since it was shipping from the same place as some other parts. The bottom opening on the off-brand is wider than the Delco. The Delco popped right in. Part number CV 781
The 4.1 and trans are in. :)

Driver's side motor mount is from Paul Ferry www.hrpartsandstuff.com
I used the same mount on my '83 and it did wonders for keeping the motor steady. Trans cooler lines are laying in place, since they sit under the motor mount.

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So I have a little update - 6 years later. :rolleyes:

I've had too many projects and the GN gets neglected. So I sold my '02 Regal GS and '83 T Type last year. I bought a newer car that needs no work. I just have an old truck that need attention once in a while. So no more excuses.

I have two '82 GNs. The one above and another that was a nice driver. Well that car's engine blew a headgasket last summer. The engine was a 3.8 non-turbo that the previous owner had installed. Rather than fix the headgasket, I pulled the motor and sold it.

I felt the 4.1 was a better fit for the driver, so I pulled it from one car and installed it in the other. Before I did that, I made sure the oil pump on the 4.1 would prime. I'm glad I did, because the driver's side head wasn't getting oil. The 4.1 had a roller cam installed, but it wasn't installed with the right bearings. With the motor out, I installed a jumper in the back so oil can get from one side to the other. Seems to be working well.

Last night, I fire the motor for the first time. I still have more work to do, but It should be back driving 'soon' (a relative term).

Plan it to keep the stock configuration, but with some improvements. Draw thru turbo and stock ECM for now. I'd like to keep this as nice cruiser - interior and paint will be next on the list.

  1. 1982 4.1 V6
  2. roller cam
  3. ported heads
  4. turbo has larger impellars
  5. minimal emissions (no SMOG, no EGR)
  6. poston headers
  7. 2.5" downpipe
  8. new NOS distributor and MSD 8mm wires.
  9. repaired and clean up the wiring harnesses.
  10. 1981 intake manifold (uses coolant to heat plenum, if needed)
  11. Lots of scrubbing and painting. The old motor leaked everywhere.
  12. Stock 350C trans and 3.08 gear (have limited slip to install later)
Looking forward to driving again with the T Tops off. :)


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Nice setup. Do you have any porting done on the intake manifold or the plenum? Will you still run the factory air cleaner bonnet?
All the wrenching love for the '82 GN now! Okay the truck will get some from time to time.
This is a candidate for J&S Safeguard for sure.
What chassis is that PS pump bracket from? The stock '82?
I cleaned up the plenum some. The intake was already on the motor when I got it. (I don't recall if it was ported or not - probably not). I plan to run the stock bonnet for now. The power steering bracket is stock.

I can definitely see a J&S and E85 in the future. For now, it's will be the stock ECM to get it back driving again.

Need to piece the downpipe together, get the alternator on and fill the cooling system. At my pace, it will be done by winter. ;)

J/k, maybe a week or two, or three.

That's a PF-24 oil filter, MSD 8 mm wires, and a Holley fuel pump. 2.5" Downpipe. Distibutor is a stock, NOS unit.

All the wiring is connected. Cranks and fires. Timing needs to be set. Need to confirm that ECM is happy (i.e. no check engine light).

Might be driving soon. :D

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