Bad Ass Tacoma?!

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This made me laugh so hard...
I have a friend with a 98 Tacoma, six cylinder with a supercharger. He ran a 12.8 1000' on off-road tires. He put NOS on the truck, and with a 50 hp shot, he ran a 11.9 1000'. He raced a viper and lost by .2 of a second!! The viper roasted his tires through 3rd, but still! A TACOMA!?!?! I can't wait to make money off the mustang and camaro guys on this one...

My friend has a new S-Runner Tacoma with the supercharger, A cold air inuction, Three inch exhaust, a 11 psi pulley, and fatty 295's on the back. That thing is a blast!! The sound of the supercharger is crazy:D It suprises a lot off people, no one thinks it is a mid 13 sec truck.