best tire for my money


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Guy’s it’s time for me to get some tire for my car and I wanted to know what you all think would be the best tire for my money. I will be running 275/50/15

1. BF Goodrich G-Force T/A Drag Radial for 134.35
2. BF Goodrich G-Force T/A Drag Radial 2 for 166.00
3. Nitto NT-555R Extreme for 140.00
4. Mickey Thompson ET street Radial for 181.00
5. Hoosier R6 for 253.00

Thanks for all of your input
Really need to know how much street driving you're going to do and how long you want the tire to last. I ran the M/T 275/60/15 on full time, street and track. I think they work better than any of the others. But they definately will not last as long.
I love my M/T drag radials. Ive had different sets on a few of my cars. They work the best at the track hands down. BUT, if the car is a driver, i prefer the Nittos, they work awesome in the rain and last a VERY long time. I had a mustang coupe that i ran the Nittos on for 2 years and they still had a lot left in them. And that car was a daily driver, i even drove it cross country from Miami to San Francisco.
It's going to be a car that I take out on the weekend and some time to the track. looking to put about 5000 or less on the car a year.
M/T is a great tire and hooks good.

Make sure and only run a big tire if you have the correct width rim. You wont get the full contact patch other wise.

275 or 265 50's on a 7" rim doesnt allow the proper contact patch youll need at least a 8.5 wide rim

Despite what "Most" people do.... a 235 60 is the proper size tire for a 7 inch rim.. yes 235 60. FWIW this tire size has been over 200 MPH on a 3000 lb car

I run a 275/60 15 on a 8 inch rim and it isnt wide enough and crowns the tire.

Next time your around someone running wide tire on the stock rim take a close look at the back tires. Youll notice at least a inch on both sides of the of the tread not wearing evenly due to the crowning.

Getting the suspension to work is 60-70% of the equation IMO

Good luck
from what I hear, some buicks running the M/T 275's on stock rims have rubbing problems. I run the M/T 255/60's and they hook great, and dont rub at all. I like the taller 60's as compared to the 50's (larger sidewalls allows for slightley better traction when launching).
Most people say
Mickeys hook the best but last the shortest
BF Goodrich hook OK and last longer
Nittos dont hook as well as the bfgs but last along time

I have used both the mickeys and the BFGs,so me there isnt a huge hooking difference bgfs and the mickeys,i have had the same 60 ft times,and if i try to leave at any more than 12 #s of boost neither hook.However the bfgs do last on the street.The last set i had lasted at least 4,000 street miles and well over 100 strip passes.
I cant complain about my Nittos in the two years and 8,000 miles I've put on them... still hookin fine, and all around working great. Im not afraid to drive the car anywhere, any time.
I have run the nitto's, the bf g's and the M/T....all in the 275/60.

Mickey's hands down! best of both worlds, and they will hook on the street, if your into that sort of thing.........;)