Best Tire for Stock GN


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I recently upgraded my GN front suspension. Springs, shocks, bushings, and tie rods. I also replaced the rear shocks. Everything else is stock. What would be the best tire to use in the rear. I have now 225/60 R15 and want to get a wider tire for the rear.

Any suggestions? And what is the widest I can go before the rear starts the rub?

I ran 275x50's with no problems.
I'm currently running 295x50's & find I need to replace the sagging rear 160k mile springs.
for a STOCK gn 255/50/15's are plenty big man...i ran those when my car was stock and never had traction's kinda hard to spin those size tires with the stock GN if you are modded then it's gonna have to be 275's on the street...but every car is different when it comes to that tire size for some reason...some get rubbing, some don't...255's are guaranteed not to could go with 275's and if you rub...get a tiny spacer and all is well...
You want just wide, street tires, or some grippy street/strip tires? I am personally in love with my Mickey Thompson Indy Profile G-60s. They're a LITTLE bit narrower than the BFG 275-50 drag radials, so they're guaranteed not to rub. They hook really well (IMHO) when warmed up, and they don't need tubes. Of course they're bias ply, so they're not so hot for daily driving because they're a fairly rough ride. I would maybe check some 275s to see if they rub. If they do though, the MTs will fit fine I bet :D
What about the tire size for a T-Type wit some minor wide can i go on those stock T-Type rims...
255/60/15 is a great tire for the stock rim. It is 27 inches tall, (stock is 26 with the 215/65 on), and you are at the edge of safe section width.

I would not recommend going to a tire section width over 1.5 inches past the rim on each end. A 275/50 is 1.9 inches of section width past the rim on each end. The 255/60 has 1.5 and is the max for a 7 inch rim to be considered safe.

I have heard of sidewall blow outs with curbs due to tires not being matched properly to the rim width. That is alot of load on the bead and side wall when hitting a hole at 30 or even 60 mph.

Others have gone bigger, but really, is it worth it?
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What about the tire size for a T-Type wit some minor wide can i go on those stock T-Type rims...

T-type wheels will generally fit wider tires than GN wheels before rubbing becomes a problem. I ran 245/60's all around on my T-type with no rubbing issues. My car even has lowering springs. 600 pound/in springs in front help keep larger tires off the inner fenders. In back 275/60's will fit on the stock wheels with only some frame rubbing in VERY hard cornering. Putting aluminum brake drums on in back would minimize frame rubbing even further. I have run 275/50's and they rub the frame slightly more, but our cars like a taller tire so I'm sticking with the 60's (28 inches tall) from now on.

For a stock GN daily driver I would put on 235/60-15's all around or 235/60's in front and 255/60's in back. 235/60's are the same height as the stock 215/65's and can be rotated easily. The 255/60's are slightly taller than stock, will provide better traction than 235/60's and are guaranteed not to rub.
I have 245/60-15's on my 86 TT and they rub in the front on full lock and just look too big on the car. I'm going to drop down to 235/60's.
Thanks for the information everyone!

I guess I'm going to go with 255/60 R15 in the rear and 235/60 R15 in the front. Now the tire manufacture... Goodyear? Etc.....

cooper makes at great tire-has all the sizes you need and with a much more aggressive thread pattern than bfg s at almost the same price-use them in three of my cars-matt-----gt radial coopers
If you want good handling, stay away from the BFG TA's..they are cheap but mushy and you will have wasted the money you put into the suspension.

See what is available in Dunlop, Michlin, or Yokahama. Goodyear and Bridgestone have some good ones but I think they are way up in price.

I run Firestone SZs which I really like..they are a Bridgestone design but they were in the 150 each range.
Hey folks:

How about a good sticky tire in the 215/65 R15 size? For those of us that keep the stock sized tires for shows and what not, it doesn't seem that anybody makes an agressive tire in this size. For those of you that lean towards stock appearance, what have you found beyond the BFG TA's?

I see you're in Florida, like I am.
If your TR is a daily driver, I recommend a tire that's good in the wet.
If you don't drive a lot of miles, I like Nitto 275x50. I only got 5-6000 miles out of mine, but they were good in the wet & with a stock turbo, I couldn't spin them on dry pavement. I unfortunatly have reservations about such low mileage & just installed a set of Toyos, hopeing for a little more mileage.
For a strip only car, why fool around - get slicks.
Look at to see what other owners say about different brands of tires.
I have BFG TAs, 235-60 all around. 300 bucks for 4, 3 years ago.
20k on them and the tread looks new. Great in rain too.

I've always run the radial TAs on all of my street cars. I think they are a good compromise between handling and ride. Love the look too.

There are better handling tires, and there are better riding tires...but none that do both as well.
zam70 - If you want a good tire try a Michelin Pilot XGT-H4 or V4. They cost a pretty penny but are meant for sedans not race cars. They absolutely blow away a Radial T/A, I have had lots of Radial T/A's. Michelins grip really well in the wet, and hang on in corners like you are on rails. They are also silent. I have some on my 97 Bonneville and that car has a soft suspension. The tires outclass the car.