best vendor to rebuild PT54?

Tom Tom Turbo

Turbo Goes Woo Woo
Jul 10, 2002
Well, the ol PT54 finally kicked the bucket...I'm guessing it sucked something up the oil feed line, as it was a fresh motor and probably got some gasket maker or something in it, because it definitely smokes like its on fire under boost. Anyway, who is the best reasonably priced company to rebuild this lil fella for me? Really, all I want is it to be refreshed and maybe a braided return line and Jet Hot coated exhaust housing to dress it up and maybe keep some heat away from everything else.

Make sure your return line is not obstucted and is at a downslope toward the block. Ive fixed at least 3 cars in the last 5 years that had oil return problems that caused oil to be pushed in the exhaust. No turbo was needed:wink:
Precison Turbo is who i send mine to. Fast and quality work.
well i bought my turbo from precision and they hooked me up. mine was blown due to contaminated oil. they sold me a PTE remote oil filter system for $160 or something like that and rebuilt my turbo for free. He told me it would have cost more just to pay them to fix it but since it was one of their turbos he would warranty the turbo as long as i got the Remote filter system. No brainer to me.