Best way to use turbo buick with carb........

darrin kirkaptrick

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Feb 14, 2013
Looking for info on building a turboed v6 for a jeep project, nothing radical just a good unit for cruising around town in. what to go with carb to avoid the computers and for a different look under the hood, think of using the 6.300 or 6.500 rods any issues with using these? Also any and all other info or parts should and should nots would help us out as well. Thanks for any info and what a great site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Honestly, you wont see much difference in power potential of the two rods, as the buick doesnt respond to the mathmatical changes as other engines do.... at best your reducing the side loading of the cylinder, but at the cost of an excessivly tight ring pack.

What all else would you like to know? are you going Draw-Thru or Blow-Thru? lots of variables, options and compromises

Rod legnth will effect it some but the benifits are in the dwell time and reducing detonation issues some. As far as not using a puter you can but I think Aj would be the one that can give you more info on that.;)
Aj what is the best way draw through or blow through, im open to options so far havent styarted collecting parts yet. what combination pof parts of parts and pieces is best suited for a build like this and whats is the best road to get there for our customer thanks again
it all depends on you budget and end performance goals.

how much do you want to spend? how fast do you want to go? how much of a challange do you like? and how different then everybody else do you want to be?
budget is open to buying good quaility parts and pieces to make a dependable driving unit. any do's and dont's with this engine? looking for any and all information we can get thanks
building a solid turbo short block is a good start, forged pistons - turbo crank - tight tolerances on bearings - blue printed oil pump - well choosen cam for the application and attention to detail is about all you need for a solid base. heads with the usuall work will be a good cap to it all. nuthing exotic really required.

From there the question is the turbo system of choice. Since your suggesting this for a jeep, it will depend on fuel. Propane or E85 would make the Draw Thru system a possibility. But i imagine your looking for low rpm torque and power for crawling with a fat axle and large wheels and since you would use alot of low end boost, you will be in a real detonation prone area for this system and fuel choice would be important to fight the detonation. A blow thru system might be better if your running gas since you can remote mount an intercooler and use electric fans to help move air thru it to cool the charge in the low rpm area. But these are my opinons as to how i would aim my system if i were in your shoes. I actually have a jeep build myself coming along with 60s, 37s and an sm420 but i choose to go the SBC route..:rolleyes: