BGC intake + rjc spacer + t-body vac block = no ?


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On another thread someone was complaining that you cannot run a t-body vacuum block on a GN1 intake with a spacer/rjc plate. They said it hits the hood.

I have a fiberglass hood, is this going to be an issue ?
How thick of a spacer, and what hood? Fiberglass GN, 2" cowl, 8" cowl??? More details please.

1 inch RJC spacer.... fiberglass gn hood, no cowl :


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Get it all installed, slam the hood. If you see new dimples in the hood, it doesn't fit. ;)

Just kidding. Before shutting it when istalled, put a light under the hood, look from the front and sides, and put a big 1/2" to 1" thick piece of foam or something on top of the throttle body. That a way you get a little bit of an idea how much room you have left. I also assume with the FG hood you don't run a hood liner?

Sexy looking intake by the way.
I ran that setup with the block and the hood closed. I would just be careful when you try for the first time. Maybe some modeling clay to find out how much clearance you have.
It will clear, I ran the same setup a couple years ago with H&R motor mounts with no problems, but it did stab my hoodliner.