Big congrats Melissa 2017 Bowling Green TAI champ!


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Apr 4, 2002
Back to back wins. You guys are making this look too easy. Rumor has it that next year a few of the sponsors may be takimg a bounty out on you. Bounty money will be given to whoever "can" put you on the trailer. Russ or Grumpy. You are also eligible for this bounty dough if you just happened to accidentally unplug a few spark plug wires before eliminations. We wont tell. ;)

I've got some cool Gopro vids of the after party at Rafferty's. I'll post them here when I get home Monday or Tuesday.

Bryan. Thanks for all the hard work you do to promote and run the funnest class of Turbo Buicks. Please count me in as a sponsor for next year. I wouldn't miss this party for the world.

Let the smack talking begin...

Mike Barnard
Pool Fool Productions.:smuggrin:
Prettiest Racer wins again! exciting to watch ! i heard you took off every tooth of the ring gear and got it back running
That girl can drive and having a couple of the best tunas out there doesn't hurt. I heard they were putting her name on next years trophy to help speed up the process. Congrats Melissa
Hot off the press from the GS Nats at BG.
Official Spoolfool FUN meter instructional video. (How to properly use a fun meter).

Well deserved !!!!

In May.....gonna give you guys a RUN FOR YOUR TITLE