BIG Garage SALE!!! Lots of Quality Parts. Revised Pricing on some items!


May 24, 2001
IMG_3466.JPG IMG_3467.JPG IMG_3468.JPG IMG_3475.JPG IMG_3476.JPG IMG_3477.JPG It is time to clean out my loft.

Here is the first pass at things I have to sell. Most of the parts are small enough to ship, but a few of the bigger items will be local pickup only. I will be adding items. SO watch this thread!!!
If I'm asking too much for something don't think I'll be insulted by a lower offer......the worst that can happen is that I tell you NO or send you a counter offer.

If you are hesitant to buy from me because you don't know me, I've been in the Buick world since 1985 and have attended the GS Nats since 1992. Been selling parts and working of TR's most of my life.

I will accept Paypal as a gift or you pay the fees.....either way works for me. My paypal is

Shipping is not included so email me first for a price on shipping.

Description and Prices
1 Red Armstrong "Volt Booster" $30 Sold

1 Houston SS downpipe, O2 bung with SS cutout $525 SOLD

1 RJC Polished SS 3" crossflow exhaust with SS Torca clamps. Redesigned 4 point muffler hanger system and custom mount. This system fits and sounds awesome. LOCAL PICKUP ONLY $550 SOLD

Stock driveshaft with solid Spicer u-joints

1 ECM Package with Powerlogger installed, Custom SS mounting plate for Aux input board and MAP sensor, Delphi 3 bar MAP USA made, Custom Underdash Boost Pressure manifold $400 SOLD

1 TurboTweak SD2 Speed Density Chip for #80 injectors $250 SOLD

1 set of 80# Injectors, like new very few miles. Mostly C-16 through these injectors. NO E-85 alcohol through them ever!! Includes a custom set of "Injector Sleeves" designed to make these slimline injectors look just like stockers……very stealthy!! $275 SOLD

1 TE-44 turbo low miles-Disassembled, Cleaned, Inspected: No end play, VHT painted PTE turbine housing. Wastegate hole ported for external wastegate, If you want to run a Houston style DP, will include a stainless plate with correct size WG hole that bolts between the exhaust housing and the DP. Actuator included (digging around, I found an actuator for this turbo). This is a nice turbo! $400 SOLD

Custom TA-6262 "Stock Appearing" Turbo. Air cooled Ball Bearing with billet compressor and turbine wheels. PTE turbine housing ceramic coated. Turbo designed and built by Brian Bison for TSA racing. This is a Very Trick turbo that spools fast and will work well with a tighter torque converter. TSA modified "Stock Appearing"inlet bell included, will accommodate a billet inlet bell. No Actuator $1,350 SOLD

1 New fuel tank, Racetronics double pump fuel assembly, Hotwire Harness, Hobbs Switch, SS feed and return lines (replaces short metal lines at the tank). LOCAL PICKUP ONLY $550 SOLD

1 Driveshaft Loop-( bolt in) $40 sold

1 HR Poly Motor Mounts both sides $190 SOLD

Kirban 200A Alternator -TESTED BY RICHARD CLARK $175

Stock Intercooler with Scoop $100

Stock Electric Fan assembly $40

Casper's Aubible Knock Detector $45 SOLD

1 VDO Boost gauge 2.5" $15 Sold

1 Boost Solenoid $35 Sold

2 Turbo J brackets Modified,and Good $25, $30

1 Stock turbo heat shield $35 sold

1 Modified turbo heat shield $25

1 AC bracket (no stripped holes) nice $50

1 Pair of Concert Sound Speaker covers (gray) $25 Sold

1 ATR SS Stock style Downpipe 2.5" . Must use stock or modified turbo elbow. Mandrel bent w/

O2 bung welded, includes flange. $100 SOLD

1 IAT extension harness 3.5' $15 SOLD

1 85mm Delphi MAF p/n 25168491 $50

1 Heated O2 sensor kit "Plug and Play" $35 SOLD

1 LED Shift Light $20 Sold

1 Dedenbear Practice Tree $130

1 Dedenbear Delay box $40 SOLD

1 adjustable FPR $50 SOLD

1 Delco Type 2 Module and Coils $160 This coil pack has slightly higher spark energy than the stock Magnavox "brick" style coil and is much more reliable!
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I would like to be in line for:
RJC exhaust
Houston downpipe questions on it
ECM package
SD2 chip
80 lb injections
HP motor mounts
I will take the vdo, boost gauge pending pictures will PM you

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Also, interested in IAT extention harness
Drive shaft loop
Casper's Audible knock detected
PM me.
I'll Take:
Adjustable FPR $50
Dedenbear Delay box $40

Interested Pending Pic:
ATR SS Stock style Downpipe 2.5" . Must use stock or modified turbo elbow. Mandrel bent w/
O2 bung welded, includes flange. $100

Interested Pending Questions:
Delco Type 2 Module and Coils $175
Is this a direct stock replacement ?
What is advantages over stocl
Sent a pm on j-bracket $35, boost sol $35 , and turbo heat shield $35 total shipped to 02360 . PayPal info?
Thanks, Adam
interested in:
boost solenoid(s) ? 35 for the pair, or each?
shift lite
fuel pressure regulator (good to have a spare)
MAP sensors (price?)

note that the MAF you show is usually called "85mm", just to differentiate it from the common 3.5" sensors.