Billet aluminum shifter handle - engraved??


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I'm looking for an aftermarket aluminum handle. The black anodized ones with the "6" or "GN" engraved on it. Or anything similar.... Anybody got anything??
I have a new one really dont need to sell but make me a offer
Prime example, right there..... AND then repost right on top of my thread. How about i buy that shifter handle, and then resell it to you? Merry Christmas!!
What's the problem ? I said I will take it if you don't, yes I bumped my ad up but it looks like you found one. Apparently my ad was to far back so it got overlooked. Again sorry for the thread jack
I have a used one like the one above but it says Buick Motorsports with the power 6 logo. I don't remember what they were new? Couldn't find em on Mark's website? Half of what ever they were new plus shipping.

Just shows Mark should start re making these
There a great product made in the USA that look killer in our cars
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