Bison Turbo


Just another pretty face....
Jan 15, 2004
Bought one of Bison's Turbos helped me pick one out and patiently gave advice as I was making my decision over a few weeks.
Offered me a fair price towards credit for my old turbo which was in rebuildable condition and when I had sent it I left some important hardware and fittings on it he shipped the pieces to me at no cost and very quickly.
One of the good guys.
Yeah, Bison is the expert here on turbos.....he's the one I'm going to go crying to when mine gives up the ghost....I trust him 100% with them, he sure knows his stuff..............though I wouldn't like to meet him in a dark alley on a rainy night.:rolleyes:
The guy's built like a Sherman Tank!!!

Bruce '87 Grand National
Thank you guys. Steve let me know how well that turbo spools with that housing on it.