Blazer dual piston setup Vs. SSBC dual piston calipers!


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Sep 28, 2010
I have been thinking about upgrading my front brakes on my car & going with the Blazer dual piston setup but I will have to change the spindle & all the other stuff when I really do not want to. I was looking on SSBC website & they make dual piston calipers that I can bolt onto my factory spindles. Which one of these setups do you think will have better stopping power or will they be about the same?

For the blazer setup all your changing is the spindles(with hubs), rotors, and calipers. Now mostly all aftermarket stuff is going to be better than stock however with the blazer setup you're going from a 10.5" rotor to an 11" so your gaining surface area which helps with stopping power. The SSBC setup will look better (which your really won't see unless your running aftermarket wheels) but for about a $300 difference in price I'd say go with the blazer setup or you could still spend less money doing to Fbody brake swap then you would spend with the SSBC setup. just my .02
I've got the SSBC brakes on my GN and it will hold 11 lbs of boost at the line no problem. Of course, the 11" drum brakes on my Ford 9" help too.:) Easy no muss no fuss bolt on mod. I replaced the brake hoses too with braided ones.
Either way is a "No muss, No fuss" addition to the stock brakes.... You know it really and truely depends on what your plans are on using these brakes, If it is to just help out with regular street driving- then the blazer brakes will be fine.....If you plan for a bit of performance then the SSBC brakes would be better..... and if you ever plan on Autocross or Road Race then those will be useless and you best move up to a 13" rotor with 4-piston calipers....

Scot W.