blow off valve

You get what you pay for......sure there is a lot of R&D in a $50 fart valve.

Let the record show I was trying to be helpful and did not mention once about another BOV thread......damn....just did.
spend some $$ on a quality for some endless BOV reading...use that search function above, just right of mid page, click the drop down and type your subject:)
i got one jus for the sound it makes, got the loudest one on the market. but u probably dont even need it for the amount of driving yur doing
I use a TiAL blow off valve on my GN. Many will say i t is not needed as these things can survive without them, I put it on for the sound. It does offer some protection to the Turbo but again, an automatic car does not beat up a turbo like a stick shift running 30 psi. You can run a dump or a receric system. Recirc is better but I do not get an SES light with a Dump (expell to open atmosphere as opposed to into the maf pipe after the MAF.

I did have an Ebay HKS copy and had lots of problems with it, it cause boost surge, a dancing boost gauge etc. Greddy used to have a Type-R valve with a snout on it so you could run open or recirc. (I have one for sale if you want it) I bought the Greddy and the TiAL but the TiAL worked fine so never put on the Greddy. I bought the Greddy in case the TiAL didn't work out.

Bottom line is, do as you wish. There are aguments on both sides. I personally like the sound so I put one on.
get a recirculating one like this. instead of that weird surging horse sneeze, mine makes a nice clean faint this.....ffahht...try it again...ffahht:D
I put one of those units with electronic speakers that plays Ice Cream truck music on my GN just for the sound.
I bought the Ebay $50 one JUST because I saw it working great on another LS1 Turbo truck. Mine is the TAil clone and came with 2 springs. I am useing the heavy duty spring and it works fine.



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