Blowthru Buick testing with Rev X 9.5 converter.


Caustic Cacophony
Mar 10, 2007
First test hits of 2016 with Revolution X 9.5 non lock orque converter.
Testing was limited to 2 passes as something failed in my new trans but good results were had with that disappointment.
I don't have the actual time slip at the moment it's still in the Buick but I remembered the data.
93/Alky fuel, 17* timing
No boost footbrake launch from 2200 rpm =
2.0 60ft
2nd pass:
Lost low gear partially into the pass
2.1 60ft
Went for 3rd pass but trans had no low and my testing ended.
Improvement was 1mph in 1/8 and 3mph in 1/4 over last year's best from a transbrake launch and 10" non lock PTC converter.

This machine includes: a tired .030 over bore 109 block has TRW pistons with the heavy pins, stock crank and rods, 206 comp roller cam, stock valve size ported iron stg jr heads, stock rocker arms, Bisons 6265 turbo, Blowthru 800cfm carb on a Weiand air gap intake manifold, Spectre hat, CX front mount, one nozzle Alky control, EA stg2 trans RevX 9.5 non lockup, 3.42 rear gear.
Got the car back home last night and pulled the time slip out of it.
With a good 60' that should be 11 flat or better. Too bad you're trans is acting up.
That's about what I came up with too. Work on the 60ft and add more boost. This machines best is a 1.7 60ft off the trans brake with the old PTC converter and 8psi. Definitely a bummer on the trans but I'm getting it out tonight to get back to Lonnie he said he'd take care of it.
Once you get the tranny back in you're going to have some fun for sure. (y)