bob bailey is the man


a whirlwind of doom
Nov 9, 2001
just wanted to give the man his scanmaster had a broken display, and after posting here about it, bob offered to fix of charge.:D he even fedexed it back to me on his own dime....thats what "going fast with class" is all about...i'd suggest that he go straight to the top of the "good guy list", but i know his name's already there:cool: thanks bob you rule
I'll third that. He always jumps to help people here with questions about his products (even the dumb questions like mine). I really can't think of any other product anywhere with such proactive customer service.

I had some dealing s with him a few years ago, And he helped me tremendously in saving time keeping my car running,Hes a great guy.
Very innovative guy...and always helpful.

I hope to meet him someday and buy him a drink.

Bob is the man!! Hands down! He's helped me on several occasions like that. No doubt Bob's the best!