Boost pressure and fuel pressure in same 2- 1/16" gauge?

Rich Gio

You'll need a bigger Hemi
Jan 3, 2010
I recently bought a Scanmaster G and want to install it in the 2 gauge pillar pod where fuel pressure and boost gages are currently. Does anyone know of a company that makes dual reading gauges (digital?) in a 2-1/16" size?

Nice ! You weren't kidding about being expensive! By the time I get the transducers I'm looking at $400!!
I will be adding some more stuff to the Scanmaster G over the summer so we can display the analogs from the powerlogger. Just need to get caught up.

Bob, I won't be able to see boost pressure from my power logger in the G?
Boost is already in there, its analog channels 4 and 5 I need to add.