Bought a Syclone

Syclone Work

I started in November looking for a motor rebuild and install. I found a motor in New Jersey that is a turn key with 60K on it. It has the 20G turbo with 20K , green stripe fuel injectors and an external wastegate. I will have a ton of motor parts and externals for sale once I get mine going.... I planned on getting the motor rebuilt @ D&S PERFORMANCE and from there I'm not sure what I am going to do.



:biggrin:I finally got my (elenore) 1991 Syclone 2303. It needed a trans but with only 61,000 mi i did not care. Trans is done thanks to ALL OUT Performance in Clayton NJ.
Congrats Eric... on the Syclone.

It is on my list of muscle cars/trucks that I want in my stable some day.

I am also really interested to see what you and Bob come up with for that ECM.....

Thank you i just had a trans installed and now I have to get it tuned having a hard tim trying to find someone in south jersey that has a good rep
Saw you joined SyTy

Saw you joined over on! I am a new member over ther too (Oncebitten). I'm looking for a Syclone and actually going to check out one of the SyTy members trucks this weekend. Must be a "bug" going around!
Wow Just sold my Ty a couple months ago.. I may have held out if I knew TurboTweak himself would be developing chips for it
good luck on your syclone find I hope its a good deal some people think they are made out of gold thats why it took me so long to find one.
Saw a Syclone the other day at a local cruise in. Probably the first one I've seen on the road in 15 years. Cool little trucks.
I am a member of st/ty it was either a ty or the gn. I chose the gn, less problems but i plan on getting a white 93 when I finish the gn
LOL... yes I'm working on it every day. Mainly working with programming, and rewriting the chip to make it do the things I want.

My main goal is to provide some extra features and hopefully improve driveability, idle, etc. It will have some similar things as the GN chips, like adjustable WOT fuel and timing, open loop idle, etc.
Did you have something specific you'd like to see improved?

control my electric fans and boost. I also want it to work with my brodix heads and headers. I am not familiar with your buick chips so I am just putting this out.
Just got a syclone last week :p

Going to trash all the computer stuff they had installed and go stock till a TT chip comes out ;)
Hey Guys,
Thought about it for a while and finally bought one recently. I actually had one back in '93-'94, before I was ever into the chip stuff. Always regretted getting rid of it.
I look forward to working on it and hopefully getting to the track this spring.
And, yes, I'll be developing some stuff for it.:)


Cool!! i remember these an the Typhoons that came out, If memory serves,the only weak link on them was breaking the chain in the transfur case for the AWD unit,Someone by now must have came out with high HP fix or might be something you want to look into