Bought a Syclone

I love the look + the idea of these trucks, but a few yrs after they came out,I wanted one,+ kept running into vehicles with blown engines,failed rods,cranks,+ if i remember correctly bad or ruined blocks ,but that may have been from broken bottom ends taking out the blocks,the more i looked the more scared i got about owning 1,so finally gave up. I found some old magazine articles a yr or 2 ago + kind of got the bug again,started looking for one again + ran into the same thing all over again alot of broken motors,+ other drivetrain problems with the all wheel drive,but mostly destroyed motors,it seems like when these blow up they blow up big time.Maybe i'm wrong but that is what i remember about them when i went to buy one.
I'm not trying to bash them i think they are awesome little trucks,as i said i love the look + the whole idea of a small, fast ,allwheel drive,mini truck with a large turbo v6, + have driven them,they are great,just scared to own one from the past experiences when looking for one to buy.
Am i wrong in my assesment,because i would love to own one if i thought they could handle some beating,because there is no way i could keep my foot out of it, if i got one.
I just sold my supercharged mustang that took 3 or 4 months of lets call it, very spirited driving with out so much as a whimper + begged for more,so i'm thinking the next vehicle i get is going to get a workout. Are these trucks too delicate + i'll be spending months + a ton of money putting one back together if i beat it a little?
Would like to hear realistically just how good or bad these trucks are from owners.

These trucks IMHO are high maintenance vehicles. No doubt they will try your patience, I've owned mine now for just about two years. Did some front end work and bumped the boost solenoid hose and Kaboom. When it blew I thought someone had planted a bomb in it.

To simply put it.. if you want the truck to be reliable leave it stock.

Problem areas:

Same crap that's in standard 4.3's which requires you to baby sit the tune.. data log and watch for KR allot especially if your running higher boost. Has nodular caps though

Fuel pump:
Stock fuel pump is the same pos that's in the standard 4.3's so a walbro 255 is a must

Front propshaft:
This connects transfer case to front dif and it's normally the rubber seal that cracks or tears allowing the grease to escape resulting in eventual failure. They are easy to replace/upgrade though just something not most people inspect or think of when purchasing.

It's a 700r4 and when beaten badly enough can't handle the 400+ ft lbs of torque+awd

Tune is critical in these trucks... i've seen a truck with 6k of mods done to it run 13.8's while my truck when it was bone stock except for an ultraflow muffler ran a 13.0.

There is so much wrong information on these trucks. So often someone will join the forums with there new purchase and wonder why there truck is knocking or running like poo.. here it's the wrong plugs, ecm memcal etc

If your looking to read up on these things on what they can and can't do or how to do it.. read up over on because you have everyone from original owners to people that race them to people who were there when theese things were being designed or manufactured.
These trucks IMHO are high maintenance vehicles. No doubt they will try your patience, I've owned mine now for just about two years. Did some front end work and bumped the boost solenoid hose and Kaboom. When it blew I thought someone had planted a bomb in it.

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That pic is pretty much what i was running into over + over when i was looking for one,I know the tr's arn't the most trustworthy vehicles sometimes especially if not tuned right, but it just seemed like their was so many of the syclones broken Bigtime when they were just a couple yrs old + not just headgaskets,seems like the block gets ruined most of the time one lets go too.
It was a long time ago so i wasn't sure if i was remembering correctly,but seeing the pic ,refreshes things.They just way underbuilt the bottom end is what it looks like.
I'd like to have one, + if i find a decent one i'd probably still grab it,but would definetly just leave it stock and enjoy it like that and just not beat it too heavily.
It's a shame, it's like my ls1 cars i was so afraid i was going to blow the incredibly weak little 7.5 inch rear end apart i ended up selling it,i love the ls1 ss's but havn't bought one in yrs because of weak underbuilt rear.
The only main part that will break in a Sy/Ty engine is the piston DUE TO DETONATION, otherwise, there are not any other problems, head gaskets will take 25 + psi of boost pressure & not blow out. Main caps do not fail especially on a stock eng.

I dynoed my Sy, stock long block w/a chip 20G turbo, CAI, 3" catback exhaust, FP, & made 386 HP & 560 FT lbs. It run low 12's consistant. Stock torque converter, On the verge of 11's.

Now, when the tune is off, people running 87 octane, etc, & engine is detonating. Yes, it will blow apart the pistons, head gaskets will blow, but for the most part, if any engine is detonating running high boost, something is going to let go, & with the Syclones & Typhoons, first thing is the Hyperutectic pistons (stock) after the piston blows apart,it will usually take out a rod & snowball from there.:eek:

The rear end is a 7.5 & usually does not have problems untill you are running in the 10's

There are other S-10's that have the 8.5 rear ends from the factory that will bolt right in.

X2 on the stock fuel pump, it's bairly enough to supply fuel @ stock levels.

When I installed a chip & upped the boost to 18-19 psi, the stock fuel pump could not keep up w/the demand.
^^ what he said

If you know what your doing and keep and eye on tune they are extremely fun vehicles and can take out much quicker cars on the street
Bob nice work, I can't wait. And Eric's chip seams to make some pretty nice power. And Ryan are you going to the Naste meet in Nov?