Bought a Syclone

Eric Stage I

TurboTweak Guy
May 25, 2001
Hey Guys,
Thought about it for a while and finally bought one recently. I actually had one back in '93-'94, before I was ever into the chip stuff. Always regretted getting rid of it.
I look forward to working on it and hopefully getting to the track this spring.
And, yes, I'll be developing some stuff for it.:)

I'll try to get some pics. It's basically stock with an exhaust. I wanted to find a stock one so I can start from square one for tuning purposes.

Cool, I will have to swing by and check it out. How long until it is apart????:biggrin:
It's a little dirty...


Hey Eric congrats on the new member in the 4 wheel department of your house hold Im sure it will be definitely TWEAKED when your done with it, awesome!!!!:cool:
Excellent news!! I may be buying one soon if I find one without the premium price tag on it. Definitely report updates. I'm subscribed :D
Nice looking truck... congratulation....:)
I see the Gen-2 in there...

I guess I better get busy with the updates...

Eric, subscribed. I have your SD chip for my Buick and love it. Let me know what you plan on doing tuning wise for the SyTy's. I would be interested. I have run the Ultimate chip in the past and now have a custom tune for ALKY that needs some work.
i have a syclone too, fun truck :)
cool i cant wait till you work your magic the way you do on TB and burn a chip for my syclone.:D

congrats eric

I too have a SY and love it! is your friend.

BTW the GMC's don't like to be in the 780-790 o2 range pistons tend to get hurt. they are not like a buick and can't tolerate knock well at all. they happen to have 5 bolts a cylinder so gasket failure is not a problem pistons and rods are tho. just a fyi!

BTW how can the Gen2 be intergrated in the syty's bob? altering the map signal? how about timing since it's a dizzy explain more :)