Brand new T-70

Kevin Turch

Senior Member
Mar 8, 2002
I posted this on the other board as well, just lookign for some other opinions.

Is this a good turbo, im not sure how big it is, but this is what the kid wrote

Garrett T-70 (M-24)
compressor side is a .70a/f
Turbine side is .84

Its brand new and hes selling it for 450 bucks.

What stall is needed for something likw this?

and will it even work on a GN


big turbo,it a low 10 turbo.needs 83lb injectors and 3500 stall.Your motor needs to be pretty stout to handle that turbo.
$1200 new so i would be weary of $450,sounds to cheap.
not to mention I would say a 3800 to 4k stall for a standard 70mm turbo.