Breather Idea for TA Performance Valve Covers


Serenity Now
Aug 11, 2002
I purchased a new pair of TA Performance Valve covers and I needed breathers. I thought what I made looks pretty nice so I'll share it if anyone else wants to go this route.

Parts needed: Bought at Advance Auto (o'Riely had the same thing)

$11.99 Spectre Breather Filter 3995 I got the stainless mesh
You can buy the non mesh kind for 9.99.

$2.99 Mr. Gasket Baffled Grommet (Pair) Part # 5425

$ 0.99 each Two: 42322 Help! PCV Grommets

For pictures visit here: Valve Cover Breather Idea for TA Performance Covers -

Forum only allows 92kb pictures..... mine were only 146 :rolleyes:
Think there is any difference between the powdercoating that G-body puts on there and the "krinkle black" that TA puts on thiers? Not that I'd argue much for $10 difference but it does add up.
I'm not sure, but if you get them make sure you get longer bolts. I didn't get any sent with mine and I was putting them on the car and noticed the stock ones won't work!
A caution - we usually think of breathers as having flow go *out*, since they relieve crankcase pressure when under boost. But 95% of the time, when you are not in boost and just cruising along, the PCV valve is pulling a vacuum on the crankcase and air is getting sucked *in* through the breathers. If you don't want to suck a bunch of dirt in directly into your heads (and straight into your oil), make sure the breather filter element is reasonably good, you probably want something similar to an air filter. That's also why you want to clean them occasionally. And a friend of mine noticed a bunch of metal trash in his after a spectacular engine failure; he had to replace them otherwise he would have been sucking that metal right back into his new engine!

Anyway, not sure if those Spectre breathers fit the bill or not, maybe they do. Just want you to make sure, don't want you to hurt anything.