BRF versus CZF ~ = ?

Clay Thompson

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Feb 3, 2002
I need a replacement (used) trannie. I can buy a CZF for $250 or a BRF for $550; both have about the same miles ~ 50K and both are 87s. Which should I buy? Three hundred dollars would buy a lot of upgraded parts.

I know the servo is different--last two digits are 92 for CZF versus 94 for BRF--but apparently even owners of BRFs upgrade to the PTS-type larger diameter servos. By the way, is that 36% larger than stock BRF?

I know that the govenors look identical except that the CZF has two springs. If the "extra" spring is simply removed will the shifts come to around 5500 RPM?

I guess the key question is are the valve bodies identical or nearly identical and does anyone have the information/parts to make a CZF valve body equivalent to a BRF?

Is it reasonably good odds to install a trannie with 50k or should I spring for a rebuild? A local trannie guy says he can do a freshen up for $500.
Ahhh Red ... How do I say this..?

Clay, I would buy the CZ. It is part for part identical with the exception of the servo ( which a billet one is available and yes 36% or so larger) and tooth count on govenor gear which is easily changed,
and one tiny circuit in tv sleeve. However if I built you both and took off tags , I'll bet, you couldn't tell them apart. I would never try to pass off as brf, but after performing , I bet it wouldn't matter.
So , Either way you win.:)

what is a cz out of then so i can find them cause i dont remember the codes on mine but the tranny in my 86 442 never worked noware near like a brf and when it went out i got one out of a wrecked 87 442 and it didnt work like my brf either.

really what do they come in so i can stock up on them

and im told that some of the big caddy's came with a br tranny if so do you know what years?

and hey if its bad info then notice its not there no more..;)
Well I wanted to be polite...

Cz's come out of SS monte carlos from late 85-88

as far as caddys having a br man new one on me, but I guess it is Possible , but I have never seen or heard of one.
And Olds 442 is a KZ or an OZ and work very well too.