Brothers 1969 C-10 new engine swap project

Daniel Jost

Squirtin six
Oct 11, 2003
So here is the story the truck was bought around 1995 and restored by mostly my brother and dad, i was about seven when it was built so i played a small hand in its original form, it was on the road in 1997 and my brother drove it through high school with the "New" 1994 TBI Chev 350-700R4 swap, during collage it started on fire do to a faulty fuel line connection and was bearly saved from burning to the ground, well needles to say afterwards the truck was bearly driven. Well a collage degree and a job later, it was repainted in 2004 and we took it on HOT ROD Power Tour as Long Haulers. Soon after it was torn into and with lots of help from me the two of us swapped in a 2002 5.3 Vortec-4L60E with Shorty Headers, EFI live programming done by us, and 150HP of Wet NX that i had laying around for good measure. Along with 4 firestone bags a C-Notch and drop spindles, and an Auburn Ected Electronic Locker for good power to ground connection:rolleyes: Well the time has now come and we are mocking up a setup for our new setup consisting of a (345HP N/A) 6.0L with ARP Rod bolts-Built 4L80E, and a large schwitzer/honeywell turbo (forgot the #s)

I just thought i would post up about it, here are some pics and the mock up on the turbo...



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Looks nice......

I hope to have my truck back on the road again by the end of the month.
Keep us up to date on you build up.
Ill try to keep you guys up to date on things we got way behind on things lately between building my new GN engine and building a 454BB for his jet boat put us behind schedule but we should be getting back to things soon!
well we finally got all the other projects together and had the time to get to the blue truck the turbo is on thanks to some friends for supplying some parts for us for free, like the turbo, charge air piping and couplers and clamps, all exhaust flanges, and thick wall primary tubing. Into the whole turbo setup we are figuring we have just over $300 in it! :eek: that is our cost for a flex coupler and waste gate, and some other odds and ends. So coming out smelling like a rose, we decided to start our tuning on the 5.3 as a test mule incase we mess something up while learning how to tune a boosted LS engine. We have the gate set at 8PSI to start tuning with and it gets there really fast. after we started refining the base tune our Innovative wideband controller starter reading crazy numbers and stopped working so we are waiting on a new one. I will post a video of some build pictures and some videos of us just rolling into it because we dont want to be stomping on it before we get everything figured out.

YouTube - Turbo Bomb Vid

Hope you enjoy,
its been a lot of fun so far, been doing tuning on it, and my brother took it to the wisconsin stretch of Hot Rod Power Tour, i would have brought the GN to it also but i was raining out and street slicks dont get along very well with water.