Buick still makes a performance car?


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May 25, 2001
I just picked this up to replace my '00 Regal GS. It's an '08 leftover that I got for a song. It handles and rides great and it quiet as a vault with the windows up. It has a nice little rumble out the back to keep things interesting.


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Very nice! How does it go?
It goes along pretty good with the 300 hp aluminum LS4. I haven't had it to the track yet because its still too new. I suspect she'll run a very low 14 close to 100 mph. The torque management really pulls the power out of it between upshifts. Otherwise, it's a blast to drive.
I test drove a 08 SS Impala which I believe is the same platform. It felt powerfull enough but I thought it was kind of front heavy through the turns and had a lot of torque steer. The Buick is nicer inside I bet. The Impy was skimpy. Wish it was rwd.:(
There's a guy on You Tube with some vids of his 08 Imp running 13.4 with minor mods.
A few more pics.


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Nice ride!

I also didn't know they put the V-8's in those cars.

Hummm??????? Forced induction??????:D
Wish it was rwd.:(

If it was RWD I'd buy one for my wife. I just don't do wrong wheel drive. I'm still hoping GM will see the light and get a RWD to the market.

Congrats on the new ride. Looks like a nice one.