Building a 1964 Buick Special


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Been working with a few new photo filters. If the picture of the car looks better than the actual car, you know you've found a good filter!

I'll need to make some upgrades this year, so stay tuned. The engine mounts are shot (I used the stockers from the original '64 225 V6), and upgrading to the turbo V6 versions means updating the frame brackets as well. I was able to source the frame brackets from another member.

Also in the works is upgrading the seats. I'm begrudgingly doing this because of the excellent condition of the stock interior; however, the large amount of miles I've been putting on the car have forced me to look for a comfort upgrade. I've ordered replacement covers for the front and rear benches from TMI, along with improved foam for the front bench. More pics to come soon -
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