Building a 1964 Buick Special

Thread to document the buildup of a low miles 1964 Buick Special with an engine/transmission from a 1987 Grand National.

The car was purchased in the summer of 2017 from the second owner (I'm the third). It had about 55,000 documented miles. It's a post car with a 225 V6/ST300 2-speed auto. The car is sporting original paint/interior.

Here is what I started with:

I'll post follow up reports as I move along. These should come relatively fast, as I hope to have this thing transplanted and running by August 1 this year.


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Engine is almost reassembled to stock specs (for now). It's been cleaned, but the short block was left intact - bores looked great, and individual cylinder pressures were very consistent without perceptible leakdown.

It received a new timing chain, gaskets, timing cover w/high volume blueprinted pump, alt/PS pump bracket, and several sensors. Plus some ceramic coating on the high temp stuff.

U going to use a casper harness or ?
I had originally planned to use a Casper's. But I ended up selling the stock harness and the Casper's, and purchased an engine management system from Ron Francis. This system allows you to string individual sensors back to a junction panel, then the panel distributes the signals back to the stock ECM.

Check out the link here -