Building a 1964 Buick Special

1986 Buick GX1

GX1 #001 [The One and Only]
Not sure about curb weight on a GN, but one of these is about 3200 lbs. It feels pretty strong in this chassis.
My '86 low optioned hard top (no power options) GN with aluminum bumper supports weighed 3300 lbs with larger front and rear swaybars, GNX body brace and dual 10" subs (1box). Not sure of fuel level.

This was back in the late eighties when I still had '85 Vette wheels, 1.5" aluminum wheel adapter/ spacers and 255/50-16 Comp ta's.
It's a pretty light one.
about 15 hours the last couple of days have netted most of the reassembly done, as well as completion of the engine compartment. There's still some wiring to do inside.

Here's a few pics of the assembled engine compartment -

Love the old school stuff great job
I’ve had this steering wheel since last fall, but finally got around to installing it. I’ve been waiting until I had functioning power steering. Although the turbo “6” emblem is new this year!