Bunch of new parts, Spal fans, Scanmaster, MAF, MAF Translator, Oil cooler, Intake +


Feb 8, 2009
All of these parts are from my Grand National project that’s nearing it’s completion. Most, if not all parts were purchased brand new and not used because I went with something else. I’ve bought and sold a few things here and have over 5,000 feedback on Ebay. Will take Paypal and money order.

Spal 30102052 fans. Bought these but ended up going with a completely custom radiator and fan setup. I kept the Caspers harness for these. Retails for $350 on Spal’s site. Can be had new from other dealers for $275. I’ll take $200 shipped in original box. Link to Spal’s site : SPAL USA



Spectra Premium fuel sending unit. Part #FG156A Brand new. $75 shipped.


Intake manifold. Ended up going with a Champion. $400 shipped. Don't know much about it but the guy I bought it from said this:

• Stock intake with extensive race porting by C&S Performance. EGR welded closed, EGR tower milled flat and smoothed, matched to GN1 heads. Intake was also powdercoated argent silver and clear-coated by Classic Coatings in Sheboygan. Labor invested in the intake was over $700.

It was mounted but never ran. It's got a sensor and a fuel pressure regulator. Not sure the status on those but my guess is that they're fine.



Scanmaster 2.1, Brand new, Receipt included. $200 shipped. ****SOLD****


Stock computer with no chip. Had Full Throttle Speed make up a chip. $125 shipped for both.


Transmission crossmember mounts, new. $50 shipped.

MAF Translator from Full Throttle Speed. New. $160 shipped. ****SOLD****
25179711 3.5” LS1 MAF Sensor from same guys. New. $90 shipped.


GN1Performance Oil Cooler kit, New. $299 on their site. $225 shipped. The brass fitting it comes with is included… just didn’t make it into the picture.


Billet 72mm Plenum and gasket. Mounted, never ran. $160 shipped.


Oil cooler hose set from Cottons. $120 new, my price $85 shipped.


Random coil pack bracket. New, powdercoated. $25 shipped.


Blitz turbo timer thing. Cut out of car. No idea if it works or what it’s good for. $10 it’s yours.


I'll take the scanmaster , translator, ls1 maf and maybe the 72mm plenum. What's the name brand of the plenum?
I'll take the scanmaster , translator, ls1 maf and maybe the 72mm plenum. What's the name brand of the plenum?

Scanmaster is pending payment from Dave. Translator pending payment from a PM. The plenum is from GN1Performance if I remember correctly. Was $200 on my receipt.

edit: put the wrong "combo" price first, edit2: translator is sold
i'll take the SPAL fans....if Nicky doesnt.... let me know - Aaron

i'm ASSuming these will fit between the endtanks of our cars ???
Bump for a great seller and great guy.

I can vouch for the intake manifold - it was mine. Here's the scoop:

C&S Performance here in Butler, WI did all the porting and polishing. I had well over $300 just in the port and polish, so this is a great deal. Intake was matched to a felpro race intake gasket (1200 is the part number if memory serves) The EGR tower was milled out, and the port at the floor of the plenum was welded shut and contoured smooth for maximum flow. Once all the porting and polishing was done, Classic Coatings in Sheboygan, WI did an argent silver metallic powdercoat with a clear powdercoat on top of that. This intake is show worthy. Looks like its being sold with an EGR valve (will not be functional obviously) and a coolant hardline fitting. I have about $700 total into that intake, and its never been run since completion.

Great intake, great price!
New Oil LInes

I will take the oil lines if there still up for sale...Please let me know..I sent you a PM. Thanks.