BURNOUT BUDDIES Paint Protection Film


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May 24, 2001
Paint Protection Film
I will be offering three options for rear quarter panel paint protection against rubber and gravel typically encountered at the drag strip. These options range in quality from disposable to standard to superior or good, better and best.
I currently have 40 sets of the standard (better) clear paint protection vinyl film. I will be installing a set of these on my car this weekend. and will post the photographs The standard clear vinyl burnout buddies will run $39.00 per pair shipped for the first 40 sets.
I also to offer disposable (good) self-adhesive vinyl matte film which is peel and stick like contact paper . This is suitable for the occasional racer and these run $19.00 for 2 sets
The material I have tested and selected for the superior (best) option is 3m Pro ultra clear material which is the best Material on the market period. I will be ordering the material this weekend so I'd like to gauge the interest in this superior product. to determine quantity. Burnout Buddies made with the 3M Pro superior (best), will run $159.00 per pair shipped.
PM me if you want a set and specify good, better or best.
I will be Bringing about a dozen sets to BG They are currently on my car and are invisible.Normal price 39.00 shipped to your door .will be selling at BG Nats for 30.00. it takes 6 sq ft to make a pair .Do the math
Install with spray bottle water and dawn dish soap and a squeegee.(ill bring some) there in a removable inner and outer layer