Buying Cometic Gaskets


May 24, 2001 I've gone to to buy some cometic gaskets and they don't list them on the web site. Do they still have them?...cost? I'll call tomorrow but just seeing if anyone has ordered from them in awhile.

Kev :)
They generally don't list anything but Chebby and Ford stuff. You have to call. I can get them for you too. I just ordered a set Monday for my heap.
I don't know what CV Products charges. I got mine for $130.00 for the pair. Some are more... some are less but not much.
Tom @ Champion usually has them in stock and I think he sells them for about $50 ea.

We just ordered all the Cometics gaskets we will stock all of them including the complete gasket kit
Mike Licht
Full Throttle Speed & Style
I paid $48 ea. from Champion for the .054 Thickness which should be the cheaper ones. I think they get more expensive for any thicker than that.