Calling all engine builders-need advice


May 26, 2001
What is the max. clearance between the piston and the block.i got a motor from a guy that said it was all stock and the motor had only 80,000 miles and i had a head off and i can see the rings almost all the way around.there was no ridge on the block.the piston looks real sloppy in the cylinder.i think someone must have honed it out and and put oversized rings or something?
any help would be great
I dont want to put it all together to pull it all apart again
The top of the piston is much smaller in diameter than the skirt area of the piston. It's made this way because the top of the piston swells from the heat while the engine is running, and the clearance on the top tightens up dramatically. Clearance must be measured about an inch from the bottom of the piston, perpendicular form the pin.
- Jeff
Thanks for the replies guys-Ill have to tear into it a bit more!

thanks again Brian