Cam and heads combo

Did you install the cam and heads yourself or did you have a shop do it. Imbin the air about doing the work myself, i started doing the heads already but tjought about the cam just recently. Im not sure how hard it is to do
I hope you aren't thinking you are just going to pUt this cam in and be running 9s or even 10s . He has a lot of supporting mods plus his tune is spot on to run those numbers . The cam is just a small part of the combo .
Te62 Percision turbo with front mounted inner cooler 42 lbs injectors 3in down pipe alcky turbo tweak chip walbro fuel pump 3200 ati stall
If you are going from stock heads to a ported and polished set that will give you a good power increase across the board. You should look at upgrading to 60pph injectors. The cam is not the power adder the turbo is. The addition of a good roller cam, lifters and correct springs will help with valve train stability at 6000 rpm. You will have a motor that pulls to redline as it should
As far as cams go you can run a 206/206 or a 212/212 and that is plenty. Look at the Comp beehive springs and a set Harland Sharp or T&D rocker arms. Lifters and measured push rods are a must to do the cam and supporting parts right.