cam bearings help!


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im finishing gutting my 85 block
and just my luck that #2 cam bearing is spun and stuck on the cam :mad:

so now its gotta go to the machine shop

but is this problem fixable?

because once u spin a rod bearing the rod is junk , you'd thing the block would be too

so how many seen this and what have they done to correct it??
Yes, It is fixable!!!

The 109 blocks have a .020 larger OD on # 1 and #4 cam bearing. Have the shop torque the main caps and the HEADS WITH GASKETS on and line bore all 4 bores to the 87 # 1 and # 4 specs size. Worthless if you don't torque the heads on. Been there--- done that. Then you will need to buy 2 sets of 87 cam bearings and use the 4 large bearings. The reason they spin is because we pull the bore from 3 different directions (main caps and 2 heads). By over torquing as most of us do, this can, and does happen. 3 times for me.
thanks lee,

but i dont have a 87 block and the engine was remanfactored in 94 but i dont know by who?

do you think that most machine shop will do this when the see a spun bearing

i take it the cam is shot now too

the costs are adding up
im looking all most even cost wise to get a reman-short block

i plan on giving my block and heads to my machine shop , once my valve springs get in
87 block

Right, you said it was an 85 block---87 blocks are known as 109 blocks also.
85 cam bearings (all 4 )have the same od as the #2 and # 3 on an 87 (109 block)
my block is a 25524140

so your saying have the shop put in two sets of the 87" cam bearings because there oversized

I believe all blocks cast prior to 86 take a different cam bearing part # than the 86 and later (109) blocks.
If you measure the 4 cam bearing bores of an 85 and older block--they will all 4 be the same size.
If you measure the 4 bores of a 109 block -- the 2 end bores (1 and 4) will be .020 larger then the 2 center bore which are the same size as all 4 in the 85 block
Therefore you will need to bore all 4 cam bearing bores of your 85 block to the specs of # 1 and # 4 of an 86-87 (109 )
Which should be .020 larger then they are now--assuming it has not worn the block too far.