CAM suggestions?


Hot Air Teacher/Student
Apr 3, 2003
I saw a post last week refering to a split duration cam from speedpro. I am just curious as to what works with our cars for those good results. I am looking to run low 12's to high 11's, and I was figuring on the lunati cam 210/205 @,
Well, if anyone wants to add to my list of to do/buy, please feel free!

looks like your in the same situation that I'm in but I think that the speed pro cam is the one that we are looking for, there are a few guys on here that are running that cam and have had very good results so it is a proven cam
Speed Pro 204/214. LOTS of info over in the General Tech section. Do a search.
Got one in another block right now. Bought it from Norther Auto.
Speed Pro/Sealed Power (Federal Mogul) part #CS-1016R

@.50 duration... 204 INT, 214 EXH
SAE duration..... 280 INT, 290 EXH
Cam Lift............ .280 INT, .290 EXH
Valve Lift........... .448 INT, .472 EXH
Lobe Centers.... 107 INT, 117 EXH
Lash.................. HYD

@.50 Cam Lift.... INT: 5- (BTC), 29 (ABC); EXH: 44 (BBC), 10- (ATC)
SAE J604............ INT: 28 (BTC), 72 (ABC); EXH: 77 (BBC), 33 (ATC)

This info was straight from the cam card off the box.
is there a roller kit for that cam? I am looking to go through everything, springs, valves, lifters, bearings, name it. DO they sell the engine kit for that cam? Does anyone have a web page for speedpro? Thanks a bunch 6sense!

OK, I asked this in the general tech page, but, what do I need to swap cams? I am planning on doing everything at once, and not in pieces. I'd like to do it right the first time, to avoid any further dely in making this car fast and road ready. So....What do I need to get?

Thanks everyone!