Cam upgrade suggestions anyone???

Hello all, I am new to this forum and fairly new to the Turbo Buicks as far as working on them, but do a lot of work on Series 2 engines and transmission rebuilding. Anyways I have a customers 87 GN and am going through the engine and want to know what a good or favored cam choice would be. I have a handful of friends with these cars but I never kept track of who was running what. This is a street car that needs to have street manors and good drivability, Im not looking for an all out race cam just a good upgrade since the engine is apart and the cam will be replaced anyways. The car has a 60 series turbo, 3000 stall converter, stock 3.42 gears, flow plate on intake, front mount intercooler, larger injectors, upgraded fuel pump and hot wire kit. Tuning is not a problem either. I am just looking for suggestions of a good all around cam. The heads are still stock and have Comp #980 springs installed. The car also has a 3" downpipe, ported manifolds and an aftermarket crossover pipe. I hope this is enough information, thanks in advance for the help!

i think a 206/206 or a 208/208 will work well. these will give great street manners but will give you that little extra power.
Well we ended up ordering a X-1 cam, 206-212 duration @ .050 I believe and pretty tame lift. New comp 980 springs went on the car less than 1K miles ago also. Will these springs work OK and also what should I do about the timing chain with this cam? Im not looking to spend a ton for high end parts just want something reliable and didnt know if a stock type chain would be ok or not. I would really like to have the car running in the next few days and dont have much time to wait on stuff as this project was delay nearly 2 weeks because of the cam being on backorder and simply dont have the space to keep letting the car sit. Thanks again for anyone who can help.
Here is a nice clean motor with the same setup just done :biggrin:


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and it cleaned up real good.

sorry to have offend you guys with a picture of a dirty engine LOL. at least i tried to help the Dude out.
next time i'll wash the picture before i post it up :biggrin: