Can I get a 15" rim that will fit on my GN and my LS1??


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Mar 24, 2002
Seeing as I will likely need new drag radials for the ls1 shortly, I was wondering if there was a rim that will bolt on both cars? (the rear only obviously. no 15" would clear ls1 front brakes). I'm going to have to put regular radials on the LS1 shortly I think (commuting too many miles, wears out drag radials fast). So it would be nice to only need one set of drag radials that I just could swap on either car. I only run 245's on the ls1 so I don't break every driveline part instantly upon launch, so the tire size isn't a problem.

Some welds?
Originally posted by Berman
no 15" would clear ls1 front brakes

Not quite true. Convo-Pros (15X4's anyway) bolt right on the front of a 98+ F-body with no interference whatsoever. Depending on what size rear wheel you want (and your tolerance for having them hang out), you could also put 15X7 w/ 3.375 BS Convo's on the rear, but it's not going to look very good on the F-car.

The G-body uses a 7-inch wheel with ~3.75 BS and the F-body uses at least an 8-inch wheel (depending on model) with 5.5 BS. This disparity means that you are not going to find a wheel that fits both cars perfectly (or well).