Car back from paint ,now front nose wont line up --pics


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Oct 4, 2004
Ok the front nose was fine before paint,(not blaming painter)they did point out that the radiator/nose support had been all hacked up for a front mount,if nose was perfect when it was all hacked up ,is my problem just trying to get it to re-align,or am I missing a support bracket at one the red area's I marked,thinking that here should be a support rod underneath running on a 45deg from the nose towards the will notice the 1" to 1.5" gap at the nose and hood( hood alignment is perfect everywhere.) thanks for any ideas..:wink:The painters did an awesome job on the paint..

thanks Brer


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It looks like from the photo number one. That the aligning was not done properly.But it appears that this should be able to be shimmed up to line up.

There is a piece in front under a metal stamping .that appears to be used as liner.

Follow the line. If it seems that I'm wrong don't touch it.
But it sure does look like it could be done.....HTH...Rob
sorry,still trying to understand/see what you are talking about..


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There is a L shaped bracket that is held in place with bolts in hole 1 and 3 on your last picture, this bracket sits underneath and extends all the way down the the lower radiator support where it is held in place by 1 bolt. This bracket, I beleive, would push the front up if installed correctly so I bet you are missing this one.

I got mine off the car at the moment so can snap a picture of it if you like just let me know.
Oh and hole 2 in the picture I bet someone drilled as I can't recall that is there from the factory, have to look at mine.
2 photos for you, red dot on the bracket I mentioned in my earlier post. I had my bracket powder coated black, normaly it's white (or white overspray at least).


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Sweet,your the best Jan...
I had a feeling there was a bracket I was missing..
again thanks ..Dennis King
Jan ,any other pics you care to share would be great as I need to put this car back together... Dennis :)
Jan ,any other pics you care to share would be great as I need to put this car back together... Dennis :)

I'll see what I can dig out for you, got tons of pictures when I took mine apart and put it all back together again. Currently got the front off (again) as it made it easier to pull the engine and I also had the engine bay painted at the same time.

Might take a couple of days, in the mean time let me know exactly what you need
that bracket is not tta specific. i had to remove it for the fmic. It doesnt push it up, just supports it. they most likely let it hang while the nose was was off.
Always when removing a body piece.Marl here the bolts lined up and the number of washeres uesd at that point.Each car and point of connec are different.I mark and write downas much as possible.Onelast thing.Mark area
By using a drill where the bolt goes near,Hope that was clear.Just bought doors,for my Limited.Should not wasted money.I use feltip markersHTH'd Rob...NY.