--- CAR CRUISE --- St Louis Area - Oct 10th Sunday


86 GN T-Top
Hi all....

For those who plan on coming, below is all the info you need. At the end of this email is all the addresses and contact info for the stops. Its approx from 2:00 pm to 5:30 pm...a fairly short run. I want to plan a longer River Road trip in the Spring. I think all the info below covers everything.. but if you have any questions please email me. Thanks =] Kristina/GNGAL

-- WHEN --- Sunday October 10th -- 2:00 pm (RAIN= No cruise) But we should be good

-- START --- We will be starting at Fast Eddies in Alton, Il -- Aaron Evans has volunteered to watch the cars in the parking lot since you cannot see them from inside Fast Eddies. Plan to leave there about 2:45pm. There is a 20 min drive to the next stop.

--- FIRST STOP --- The Loading Dock in Grafton, IL --- They have a great outdoor patio and we will be able to see the cars. They are also having a Flea Market from 9am-5pm... so, grab a drink and relax inside or head outside and find something you never knew you needed. =]

--- FERRY RIDE --- We will be taking the Graffton Ferry which is $8.00 per car and you can get out and take in the scenery and mingle. The ride is about 15-20 minutes long. It is located just a block from the Loading Dock. The ferry carries 15 cars... if we have more than that, then we will wait for everyone to cross before proceeding to the final stop. We will end up by the far North side of 94.. and will take 94 down to our final stop.

--- FINAL STOP -- Shirleys Resturant & Bar -- This would be a great place to grab dinner together and celebrate a great season.


2:00 - 2:45pm ---- Fast Eddies
3:15 - 4:15 pm ---- Loading Dock
4:30 -- Line up at Ferry
5:30 -- Shirley's Resturant & Bar (depending on Ferry Schedule)


Fast Eddie's Bon-Air
1530 E 4th St, Alton, IL 62002
(618) 462-5532

Loading Dock
401 E Front St, Grafton, IL 62037
(618) 786-3494

Grafton Ferry
Grafton Ferry Rd, Portage Des Sioux, MO 63373
(636) 899-0600

Shirleys Bar and Grill
3065 N Highway 94, St Charles, MO 63301
(636) 940-9770
Sounds like fun and the weather should be perfect. Thanks for putting something like this together. I can't make it since I'll be at Gateway racing in the NMCA race this weekend.

Damn, wish the car was going to be back together. New stage III tranny from Lonnie being delivered tomorrow. New PTC 9.5 " converter showed up today! Saturday install, then a few loose ends to tie up before BG. Weather will be awesome for the cruise, have fun.

Thx gn gal!!!

...turn out was awesome for something thrown together.... the club really seems to be pickin up:cool: ...... bout damn time:eek:...

i'll be the first pic whore to post.....:biggrin:





you should have taken some pics of the massive spin-outs and doughnuts we all did at the same time leaving the gravel parking lot. there was rocks going everywhere for 50 feet :biggrin:

it was a good time!
about every 2 minutes i thought for sure somebody was fixing to wreck back there,... but just turned out to be gngal screaming, lol!
Just a few of the 50+ pics from PhotoBucket

Here are a few pics... the rest are on Photo Bucket


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