Car makes boost but it's really slow.

The car is an 87' GN it has a ball bearing TE-44 on it with 60lb injectors a walbro pump 4" intake with 3" stainless exhaust with no cat. Alky Injection trans is mildy built. So almost three years ago the car was running great had great boost really quick but then one day at the track the car just stopped building boost off the foot brake. Or shall I say really slowed down. I have done a number of things to check the car and still cannot figure it out. The car has a turbo tweak alky chip.
Things I have checked or changed to try and solve.
1. Brand new TE-44 turbo
2. Brand New Converter 12" with 2800 stall
3. New Coil pack
4. New Mass Air Flow sensor
5. New Wastegate Puck and yes it is making up well.
6. Smoke tested it and found a couple small leaks in headers and welded them up.
7. Checked fuel pressure and it set to spec and doesn't drop when car is trying to build boost
8. Checked voltage on tps sensor at idle and wot and both were great.
9. Changed fuel filter.
10. New spark plugs gapped to .30
11. Leak down test on all cylinders and all were great.
12. Compression test on all cylinders and all were great.
13. Pulled intercooler and checked for leaks or blockage and was great.
14. Cam sensor was checked for timing and was good.
After fixing the minor leaks on headers I brought the car to the track and tried staging and building boost again and it was so slow building boost probably about 25 seconds to build 10lbs of boost.
Please help running out of things to check
13xTurbo did you ever resolve this? Sounded like a Cam Sensor with the studdering.