Cash For Gold


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Feb 21, 2003
Being in the Jewelry business make me laugh even harder when I read this. lol
I'm sure he's annoying them as much as they annoy us with those commercials every 15 minutes on some channels.

Unwanted, broken or missing pieces does not make the residual gold value worth less but they'll have you believe so.

Are their scales even regulated or is it considered a private party trade and you'd better know what you sent? :eek:
Too funny. I have to wonder if the cash 4 gold thing is even legit...seems fishy that you'd just send off your gold to some unknown address and hope for cash in return. Sort of like the scams you see on eBay like a mint classic musclecar for $5900 buy it now, or the scammers that send the "my client wants to buy your item so we'll send you a check for more than the amount and you return us the difference". :rolleyes:
if they paid the actual market value for the gold, they wouldn't be able to afford all those tv ads because their profit margins would be so low.
It has gotten that people are so LAZY they fall for this stuff cause they virtually have to do nothing but foolishly sent thier Jewlery away in the mail.

With a little effort you can get way better prices locally if your wanting to scrap stuff.
I hate to say it but sometimes an old piece of jewelery might be worth more as it is reselling it to use.

But if you do have broken in need of repair or just plain UGLY gold then scrap is the route.

As a test I went to 3 places with scrap gold I got in a garage sale for $1 in a lot.

Jewlery store, Pawn shop & Coin shop.

The best price I got was the Coin guy. $85 ;)
Jewlery store $45 :eek:
The worst price was Pawn shop.. $20 bucks he offered :eek: :mad: