Caution, cam washer bent!!

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Yeah in fact my engine guy made a custom, extra thick, tool steel washer for this. You would think that a soft washer there and loss of clamp torque could be a real problem. Maybe a factor in some of the reported key breakage?

Im pretty sure my friend is your engine builder (Dale)here in Washington.He told me the washer and the bolt were dead soft when he rockwell tested them. He is replacing both washer and bolt as far as i remember:) He is one picky guy and doesnt over look anything as im sure you know. The guy is a walking book of info and has forgot more about engines than i will ever know..When ever i need to know exactly what to do he is the guy i ask and if he doesnt know he will dig out the info from one of his books:) He has the total respect of all of us Buick guys that know anything here in Washington...If i was going to have a motor built he would be my first choice no matter were i lived. Im having him oring my heads because i know he will do a perfect job. He has a program to do it on a CNC machine and not one of those hand operated tools. The tolorance on oring groves are +/- .001 depth and i know he can hit it..
Geno well said and I totally agree :)

And Radius, I agree about the bolt. Better to know now than later if it was strong enough :)

Absolutely.Better to know now than to get "McCoyed" later.I felt sorry for that poor guy when that happened.He ddidn't deserve that.I wonder if anything was resolved between Mark and Harry about that?BTW,thanks for stepping up Gene.:)