CBR600rr & SRT 392 Charger


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Nov 30, 2009
Last summer I was out for a little cruise with my son cause he's always working and never gets a chance to go . We both just love how the power comes on with the boost at 31psi and how the car just flat out pulls even at highway speeds . So we're cruising a highway near home behind some traffic and I spot a crotch rocket bob'in and weaving through traffic . He gets by me on the right with a truck in front of me , then the truck pulls over to the right and lets me by . I squeeze the gas and pull up next to him , he looks over and my son is egging him on to go for it . We slowed to about 50mph and then he went for it . When I heard him downshift I didn't wait and slammed the go pedal and he disappeared behind me !! I watched him banging gears in the rear view mirror as I pulled away to about 135mph then let off , then he flew by . That was my first bike and a stout one at that ( my son has one ). We end up going to a Fast Trac mini mart where all the bikes hang on a Sunday evening , get a drink and head home . On the way home coming up the on ramp is a Viper with a SRT 392 Charger right behind . My son knows the guy with the Viper and said it's not stock at all . The Charger didn't want any part of me as he slowed down and stayed behind me , maybe he knows the guy on the bike !! There was to much traffic to square off with the Viper but that would have been interesting !!