CCom-WP Logging fps

Big Bird R/T

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Jul 1, 2001
I think I know the answer to my question but to be sure..............
When setting up the log file, wouldn't I want to log at 20 fps instead of 10 fps since I have set the time to 15 sec's?
I'm guessing if I wanted to log a "highway run" for a minute or so then I would select 10 fps and have a smaller "log file".
Hope I have this right..
As an after thought is it for a slower computer? I'm using a 600 MHz laptop.

Bear with me,

With C-Com WP it's simple. Select the frame rate based on the resolution you want and set the log time based upon how long you want to log. You don't need to worry about the total number of frames because the log file size is dynamic and will be as big as it needs to be. The speed of the computer may be an issue with hi-resolution logs but at 600Mhz, you should be fine for anything.