CD player problem


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May 24, 2001
This is in my TR tow vehicle. 2002 Cheby 2500HD duramax.
When you insert the cd into the player, it pauses, no sound, and then displays "ERR" on the little display next to the radio. Can you clean the player lazer mechanism or what gives.
#1 make sure the disc is "readable". Clean it of any smudges/finger prints etc. If scratched up, those "CD-Doctor's" that they sell at Circuit City, etc. do a pretty good job at bringing CDs back to life, Ive got one. Does it do this with every CD or just some? If they are CD-Rs some CD players are a little finicky and dont read them the same as an original, so try an original if this sounds like it may be the case and see what happens. You need to distinguish whether its the CDs or the CD player.
#2, yeah try a CD cleaner and cross your fingers that the player is able to read it and doesnt spit it out. Maybe crap on the infrared "eye", or ? If that doesnt work, may need to get inside. Sounds like its trying to read the disc from the way you described but isnt able to. If youve never put a cleaning disc in there then your probably way over due. I think its recommended to clean it every 10 hrs of play. Try that.