CD secondary rods and K hanger



hey guys , im new to this board but i have been doing a bit of reading and have a question. just wondering about the K hanger and CD secondary rods. where do i get these parts? any auto parts store? are these performance parts or parts for a quadrajet from another car? im about to transplant an 81 3.8 turbo into my 81 olds cutlass, but i was going to rebuild the carb and do some minor things to it before hand. thanks for any info or any other suggestions. Adam
A quick trip around the U-pick-it yard with a screwdriver will net you an assortment of rods and hangers to try. Doug Roe's Rochester Carburetors book explains what the different rods are. The higher the holes are on the hangers, the quicker the secondaries richen up.
quad rods and k hanger

Edelbrock sells q-jets that are to rochester specs and use identical parts. you can get a race tuning kie that comes with an assortment of rods and hangers as well as accelerator pumps, jets, and primary springs.
thanks for the input, i didnt realize these were stock parts. that makes it easier. ill just hit up the wreckers soon. are the letters stamped on them?
Yes they are stamped :D The hanger is right by the screw on top.
On the rods they are stamped about in the middle.