Champion CNC irons, Kenne-Bell rockers


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Sep 29, 2002
Guys, my GN1's are on the way back from Gessler's so my irons are for sale. I would like to sell it as a complete set. CNC irons fresh with about 200 miles and 10 passes, Kenne-Bell roller rockers [old school but work great] pushrods and a ARP stud kit. 1,500.00 for eveything shipped to the lower 48. I also have a Lunati 210-210 flat tappet with lifters for 100.00 shipped. I'll get pictures when I get them off. These are great parts in great shape I guarantee! Please PM me and I'll get pics as soon as possible. There are a few pics on my website listed in my sig. Thanks, Phil.

Hi, wondering if you are interested in trades? I have a set of 4 Front GTA wheels in very nice condition, and a TA-49 that I'll be selling soon. Let me know, I'm in CT.
Interested in everything, Will you let me pay you $1000.00 now and on 3/20
pay $600.00,and then figure shipping out?I am a man of my word,All of my
turbo buick history is +.Think about it and let me know.

I think I sent PM's to interested parties. Pictures are coming shortly. Phil.
Hi,how are you?Ive had a set back,Sorry,i will send out a postal money
order on 3/21/09 for $400.00,and have the $200.00 to you by 4/03/09.I
hope this will not cause you any $$ problems.Could you let me know when
you get this?