champion valve covers


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i purchased the GN1 valve covers from champion racing heads and realized now that previous breathers won't fit!!.anybody have any idea what whould fit here from k-n..
gaskets for same covers

thanks for info,:) how about gaskets for these covers,stock rubber ones or fel-pro..thanks
Sorry, can't help on that question. I would do a poll, maybe? I am sure that you will get responses on this thread though.
I use the stock cork ones...spray both sides of gasket with hi-temp aluminum paint...been doing it that way for leakage...not a drop...


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+1 for the FELPRO blue silicone reusable gaskets. the work the best out of every gasket i have tried. no glueing the gasket to the valve cover and you can reuse them
i dont know the part # but i ordered mine from they might have the part # listed im not sure.